AlienBowl 2017

Lördagen 4 februari - söndagen 5 februari är du välkommen att delta i "AlienBowl", AREA0510 turnering i figurspelet Blood Bowl.

Datum: 4 - 5 februari 2017
Plats: Lidköpings E - sportcenter (Sockerbruksgatan 1, Entré E)
Deltagaravgift: 50 kronor + 50 kronor till NAF (BloodBowl Comunity)
Entréavgift: Gratis

Dag 1: Attack of the SUG´s
Insläpp: 09.00
Match 1: 09.30
Lunch: 11.45
Match 2: 12.30
Match 3: 15.00
Prisutdelning: 17.30

Dag 2: The Stunties Strikes Back
Insläpp: 09.00
Match 1: 09.30
Lunch 11.45
Match 2: 12.30
Match 3: 15.00
Prisutdelning 17.30

Information för dig som vill delta i AlienBowl 2017

Mail your interest to participate ASAP and all other issues to For registration, we need your name, mobile phone number, NAF name & number, team types & team names as well as the full rosters. Last date to register is January the 29:th 2017.

50 kronor to participate. We also advise you to join the NAF at a cost of 50 kronor where you get a year’s membership and you also receive a set of block dices or other fancy stuff. Disclaimer, might lower the cost if we can find sponsors.

All the games will be registered at the NAF, if you got any question about NAF, just add them in your registration mail.

Gilla och föj oss!
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